National Capital Region
Order of Daedalians

​Flight #4

Col Walter Boyne, USAF, Retired

Test Pilot and Renown Aviation Author

Col Eugene Deatrick, USAF, Retired

Renown Test Pilot and First Commander of Air Commando Squadron in Vietnam

General Larry Welch, USAF, Retired

Fighter Pilot and former Chief of Staff of the USAF

Flight #4 Distinguished Members

Our flight rolls contain over 300 members.  Flight #4 is honored to list some of the most respected and distinguished members of the aviation and defense communities on it's members roll.  Click on photo for link to wikipedia site or bio.  

Annual Dues

Annual Dues for the flight are $25.oo.  National Dues are $35.oo.  Contact Jon Martinson for details on paying annual flight dues. 


Membership Criteria

Lt Gen Brent Scowcroft, USAF, Retired

AF Pilot and National Security Advisor to two Presidents

Contact Steve Franklin our Membership Director for any questions concerning membership.  


Also use:

General Norton Schwartz, USAF, Retired

Special Operations Pilot and former Chief of Staff of the USAF

Col Pam Melroy, USAF, Retired

Test Pilot and former Astronaut

General John Shaud, USAF, Retired

Bomber PIlot and former Commander AF Training Command

Lt Gen Nick Kehoe

AF Pilot, and Former President, Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation

U.S. Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine or Navy pilots of heavier-than-air, powered aircraft, active, retired, Reserve or Guard who hold or held a commission, warrant or flight officer status, or WASP are eligible for membership in the Order. Membership is not restricted with respect to age, sex, race, etc. 

Pilots who held commissions, warrants or flight officer status but no longer affiliated with the military must have been honorably discharged.

All pilot ratings must have been received as a result of having successfully completed a U.S. military pilot training program.

Those interested in membership should contact their local Daedalian Flight or Daedalian National Headquarters for further information. If going through a Flight for membership, ensure the local Flight coordinates your application with National Headquarters. 

Membership cost is an annual dues of $35 payable at the beginning of each year. There is a onetime initiation fee of $25. 

Life memberships can be obtained via single or installment payments depending on age.  See National website for details.

General Richard "Dick" Myers, USAF, Retired

Fighter Pilot and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Rear Admiral Edward L. "Whitey" Feightner, USN, Retired

Naval Ace and World War II Aviation Legend

VIce Admiral David Venlet, USN, Retired

Test Pilot and Former Commander, Naval Air Systems Command

General John Jumper, USAF, Retired

Fighter Pilot and former Chief of Staff of the USAF

Lt Gen Mike Nelson, USAF, Retired

Fighter Pilot and former CEO of MOAA

General Gregory "Speedy" Martin, USAF, Retired

Fighter Pilot and former Commander, AF Material Command


Col Charles McGee, USAF, Retired

Original Tuskeegee Airman and P-51 Pilot