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​Flight #4

11 October 2017
Dual Dinner

Presentation by General Seve Wilson, the Air Force Vice Chief of Staff.  General Wilson will present a current assessment of the Air Force and key issues facing the force. 

8 November 2017
Presentation by Maj Gen Xavier Issac.  Maj Gen Issac is the Argentine Air Attache in Washington, D.C.  Maj Gen Issac, a command pilot with over 5,000 hours has had a variety key operational and staff tours with the Argentine Air Force.  Maj Gen Issac will present current issues of the Argentine Air Force. 

13 December 2017
Army Vice Chief of Staff, General James McConville will join the Flight #4 in December for its Holiday meeting.  General McConville is a senior army aviator with experience in nearly all of the Army's aircraft.  He served as the commander of the 101st Airborne Division and held numerous senior level staff tours including service as the Army G-1.  He will present an Army perspective on aviation and it's challenges in current conflicts. 

Recent Events

Special Events Notes

Presentation by Brig Gen Todd Canterbury  13 Sep

Brig Gen Todd "Tales" Canterbury presented the latest developments on the Air Force acquisition and operation of the F-35.  The focus of the presentation included the capabilities of the aircraft and how the USAF will utilize it in future conflicts.    

Special Dinner Meeting with Cong Don Bacon 14 June

Flight #4 was proud to host former Air Force Officer and current Congressman Don Bacon for a special meeting held at the Army Navy Country Club in Arlington.  Congressman Bacon made a outstanding presentation on current military affairs and actions in the House of Representatives.  He also covered the unique contributions of the military in his home district in Nebraska.  

National Convention 9 April

Flight #4 hosted the National Order for its Convention in the National Capital Region.  The Convention covered several presentations on key aviation topics including Fifth Generation Fighters.  The National Order presented its latest update in a report to the membership.  A special presentation by Lt Gen Gina Grosso on the national pilot shortage was especially appreciated by the attendees.  Flight #4 hosted a hospitality suite throughout the convention period.  

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