National Capital Region
Order of Daedalians

​Flight #4

13 Dec 21017 / Ft Myer 

Presentation by Army Vice Chief of Staff, General McConville. Special Holiday Meeting. 

Membership in our local flight is governed by the membership criteria set by the National Order.  Membership is generally extended to any individual commissioned as a military officer and having successfully completed a pilot flight school from any of the armed services.




8 Nov 2017 / Ft Myer

Presentation by Maj Gen Xavier Issac. 

Flight #4 sponsors several key events throughout the calendar year.  Included in these events are monthly speaker series dinners, Memorial Day Wreath Presentation at Arlington National Cemetery, and Annual Fund Raising Golf Tourney.

Our Flight is the proud sponsor of projects designed to heighten the awareness of air power and military pilots. Our Flight is responsible for awarding Daedalians Medals to NOVA area Junior ROTC detachments and Scholarships to College Freshmen through Juniors interested in becoming military pilots. 

We Fly....We Flew

The Tenets of the Order of Daedalians
First: To Place Nation Above Self (Patriotism)
Second: To Be Worthy of the Trust and Confidence of a
Fellow Daedalian (Personal Integrity and Character)

The Objectives of the Order of Daedalians
1) Support Air Power's Total Force.
2) Educate Americans to the advantages of Air & Space Power.
3) Promote the rewards of a career in military aviation to young Americans.
4) Honor the legacy of our Founder Members and all who have flown in defense of our nation.
5) Encourage and recognize improvements in Flight Safety, Weapons
Development, Combat Support and the overall effectiveness of Air & Space Power.
6) Recognize exceptional performance by military aviators.​

11 Oct 2017 / Ft Myer

Presentation by Air Force Vice Chief of Staff General Seve Wilson.